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Despite a death toll exceeding HIV/AIDS or driving under the influence, only 23% of Americans have heard of C. diff.

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Peggy Lillis Foundation believes that every American who is harmed or dies from a healthcare-associated infection (HAI), including clostridium difficile infections, deserves to be counted. Because of gaps in infection and mortality reporting at the state and federal levels, tens of thousands of Americans are not included in official estimates.

PLF is leading a coalition of people, nonprofits and industry partners to ensure that every death and every infection is counted. In short, we aim to make C. diff and other healthcare-associated infections COUNT.

Our goal is to dramatically increase public reporting of C. diff and other healthcare-associated infections to ensure that every American who suffers and dies from these preventable diseases is counted. To achieve our goal, we will work to require that C. diff and other HAIs are recorded on death certificates; advocate for the modernization of nationally reportable disease laws; expand and update state public reporting laws, and increase funding for surveillance, reporting and public education at state and federal levels.

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Making C. diff Count is an audacious goal. To achieve it, we need the help of likeminded Americans, nonprofits and companies. You can join us right now by pledging to work with us to make C. diff and other HAIs count in your state and across the country.

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I pledge to work with Peggy Lillis Foundation to make C. diff and other healthcare associated infections count by participating in coalition activities, contacting policy makers, raising awareness of the gaps in HAI reporting and inviting other stakeholders to join the fight.

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Peggy Lillis Foundation is building a nationwide CDI awareness movement by educating the public, empowering advocates and shaping policy, and we want you to join us.


These resources are to help you learn more about C. diff and other HAIs as well as grow the movement to make C. diff count.

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